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Our Office is located  in  Puerto Jimenez,  Costa Rica and we operate in the whole Osa Peninsula and Golfo Dulce area,
 but not only.
Our Phone is ++ 506 2 735 26 90, our fax is ++ 506 2 735 56 48
Email : info@rarewood.weworthweb.com
We, at RARE WOOD, believe that it isn't possible to create something beautiful, strong, efficient and long lasting using poor quality materials and labor.

So, we began, years ago, to search for the best  Hard Woods available here in  the Osa Peninsula and to test them in the possible range of utilization for each one of them.

Now we have the experience necessary to help you to choose the right wood for any use you have in your mind, spacing from some small blocks of incredible burl wood for your turntable project, to a set of boards for some prestigious hardwood furniture, to all the sizes of boards and blocks for any other idea you could have.

Years of experience in searching for the best Costarican Tropical Hardwood in the forest and using them for our building projects or for our Wooden Furniture,Traditional Wood Constructions and Ethnical Construction, gave us the necessary knowledge to afford any possible constructive challenge, from a simple but well finished traditional rancho, up to a state of the art wood construction of a fine, luxury house.

Our philosophy about the use of tropical wood for building or furniture making is very simple: we can use only the wood proceeding from dead and fallen trees, extracted from the forest only with the help of light impact technology in the processes of sawing and transportation.

So we went there in the forest, personally,  to prove the impossible work of sawing blocks of hard wood with a 3120 Huvsquarna chain saw, reaching the fallen trees after hours of horseback riding, camping in the sites under the heavy rainfall of the wettest Rainforest of the country, and moving the blocks of wood only with the help of our forces until a place where horses or oxen could take it and bring it to the nearest place where a tractor or a four wheels drive truck could reach.

It's a really hard work for really though men!!

The difficulty of finding, cutting and transporting these jewels of the nature, just add more value to the hardwood you will use for yours project, and you will be sure that you will never helped anybody to destroy the Last Rainforests

We really like wood architecture and wood building, but the constant flow of new people that decide to came in Costa Rica for to live and fascinated by the incredible hardwood easy available until some years ago, put too much pressure over some species favorite in the traditional Costa Rica Wood Construction culture, pushing them to the extintion edge. For this reason we began to try to use local plantation of Tropical Wood for our purposes finding for each of them the appropriate range of utilization, so now we can offer you the opportunity to use: Teak, Eucalyptus, Gmelina, Amarillon, Laurel, Guayacan, and others species, proceeding from plantations old enough to give us good substitutes to the forest proceeding woods.

Living and working in the forest with the local people, gave us the opportunity to get in touch with the most traditional way to build a tropical shelter with the use of a very basic tool set ( machete, axe, hammer, nail and ropes!!), so we took this ideas and we add our knowledge about static, materials strength and  force distribution and we design and build some impressive wooden construction, that joins the amazing beauty of simple, basic, rough material, the ancient style and design of the "ethnical rancho" to the 21 century knowledge, giving us a tremendous result like the Tres Palmas Rancho, the biggest of the Osa Peninsula, and the most beautiful of the country, a jewel of tropical architecture!
Some of Our Constructions
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Some of Our Constructions
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We can build for you the most amazing Dream House you can imagine in the most inaccessible piece of land you can find, fighting, as usual, against: heavy rains, bad roads or though sea, bad or inexistent communication and bureaucratic problems, making possible the realization of a dream, that could easily be a nightmare for anybody that is not familiarized with this reality.

So, all this experience and knowledge about tropical hardwood and its use in wood carpentry or in furniture creation, is now at you disposition, doesn't matter if you need one sq. foot of Ron Ron for that precious cup you want to turn, or some very unique furniture for a very special use, or if you want a state of the art Wooden Rancho on the top of a hill in a lost island.... we at RARE WOOD, our guys in the rainforest with their chainsaw and oxen, the wood carpenters, and the cabinet makers in the shop, will be happy to hear about you and your projects, we will analyze it and we will give you the best solution available.

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